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Business Development Support Services

Our Business Development Specialists are able to provide an analysis of both cost and technical proposals to either commercial or Federal customers in order to win contracts (commercial) or assist in the recommendation for contract awards to the vendor who provides “best value” (Government). They are also able to make recommendations for overall business process improvement to increase an organization’s overall efficiency.

OCGI provides the following business development and proposal support services, on an as-needed basis, in a consultant capacity:

  • Assist in Development or Revision of Cost and Technical Proposals
  • Assist in Making Bid/No-Bid Determinations for Contract Opportunities
  • Provide Business Development and Business Process Improvement Services (in order to make written recommendations for overall business process improvement and increased organizational efficiency)
  • Review Cost and Technical Proposals for Submission to Federal Government for Possible Award to Ensure Compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Government Cost Reasonableness (through in-depth cost analysis in accordance with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) regulations, or as applicable)

By identifying and capturing key personnel who are extensively familiar with both Government and DoD acquisition regulations to serve as advisors, OCGI ensures that companies who wish to do business with the Federal Government have a competitive advantage with regard to the high quality of their bids and proposals.

Our consultants serve the roles of business development specialists, as well as proposal writers and reviewers, eliminating the need for small to mid-sized companies to expend unnecessary financial resources to hire full-time teams.